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episil® oral liquid.

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episil® is a lipid-based, preservative-free fluid supplied in a multi-dose container. episil® liquid is based on an award-winning FluidCrystal® proprietary blend developed by Camurus in Sweden (Ref. 12).
episil® oral liquid is intended for the management and relief of pain in the oral cavity, soothing lesions of various origins. It can also be used for preventing the risk of painful and inflammatory conditions of the mouth such as oral mucositis/stomatitis, which may be caused by chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy (Ref. 9).

episil® oral liquid contains a patented mixture of lipids (phospholipids (soy lecithin) and glycerol dioleate). After administration, and in contact with small quantities of aqueous fluid present in the oral cavity, the lipid mixture rapidly self-assembles to form a robust protective lipid membrane that strongly adheres to the oral mucosa to provide pain relief (Ref. 8).
Glycerol dioleate, Phosphatidylcholine (soy lecithin), Ethanol, Propylene glycol, Polysorbate 80 and Peppermint oil (Ref. 9).
episil® oral liquid is intended for use in the oral cavity, as far as the pharynx, and is harmless if ingested.
episil® oral liquid is administered to the mouth using the pump and the liquid is distributed in the oral cavity, for example by swirling and using the tongue. In case other means of distribution are used, please take precautions to avoid contamination. The stream can be directed at especially sore areas. The dose volume is small, 0.15-0.45 ml, which corresponds to 1-3 pump strokes. It is important to allow a few minutes for the liquid to gel and the protective barrier to form.

If there is an excess of mucus present or pronounced dryness (xerostomia) in the mouth, then rinsing the mouth with water before using episil® oral liquid is recommended.

Step-by-step instructions are available here.

Spontaneous reports suggest beneficial effect of episil® liquid when used by children and adolescents. However, as children generally have a smaller oral cavity, the dose may need to be adjusted. Start with the lowest dose (press the pump once) and increase dosing as needed. Use of episil® liquid in children should be done under the supervision of an adult. For more information, please read the package insert.
Recommended dose: 1-3 pump strokes, 2-3 times per day or as needed.
episil® oral liquid is normally intended for continuous use for up to 30 days.
episil® oral liquid has demonstrated good local and systemic tolerability in pre-clinical and clinical studies (Ref. 8). The product contains small amounts of ethanol, which may cause a short-lasting burning sensation when applied to affected areas of the oral cavity. episil® liquid should not be used if a patient is allergic to any of its components. episil® oral liquid has no known side effects.
From clinical use of episil® liquid it has been reported that the severity and duration of oral mucositis was less in the group of patients who used episil® liquid compared with the group who received standard care (Ref. 13).
episil® oral liquid is listed on Drug Tariff with the following PIP code 3578754 and can be prescribed by General Practitioners on an FP10.