“It gave me the relief I needed to be able to start eating properly”

“I was diagnosed with tonsil cancer and had to go through 35 radiotherapy treatments over a seven-week period, as well as two major chemotherapies. I was well-informed by my doctor about what kind of side effects the treatment would cause, what it would do to my neck, outside and inside my throat. I was told that I might get major ulcers in my mouth (which unfortunately I did), and that they could be extremely uncomfortable. I couldn’t eat because of the mucositis. My throat was sore, I wasn’t able to chew any kind of food at all… It was extremely painful. I didn’t realise that the radiotherapy carries on working for weeks and weeks afterwards even though they had actually finished the treatment. My wife read some articles about how episil was helping enormously and watched a video on the website. We then went to my local GP and got it prescribed for me. Within 5 minutes of application my mouth was feeling quite considerably better and within about an hour and a half I was actually able to chew something, which I hadn’t been able to do up until then! I used it about three times a day, just before I ate anything, and I swear by it, because it gave me the relief I needed to be able to start eating properly. That’s why I would definitely recommend episil to fellow patients who have or will have the same sort of problem in the mouth.“

Patient, UK

“episil significantly relieved the pain and facilitated the daily life”

“Since last summer my mother has been suffering from oral mucositis as a side effect of cancer treatments. She had constant pain in her mouth and the symptoms affected her life and well-being. She couldn’t eat, drink, nor sleep. She has been in need of dental care for a long period of time but due to the ulcers in her mouth the visits have been postponed. Furthermore, nothing could alleviate the symptoms. As I was surfing online, I came across episil oral liquid and ordered a 3 ml bottle for my mother to try. A week after my mother started using episil she could visit the dentist because episil really worked. It didn’t cure oral mucositis but it significantly relieved the pain and facilitated her daily life – my mother started eating and drinking without problems, and her general condition has improved. It also seems that the ulcers do not get worse as episil covers and protects them. Now we have ordered a 10 ml bottle and my mother intends to use episil as long as the treatments and mucositis continue. We wish we knew about episil earlier, when symptoms appeared – mom would have avoided going through a lot of pain!“

South Ostrobothnia, Finland

“It relieved the pain immediately and had great influence on my mood”

“I suffered from an aggressive inflammation in my mouth as a result of which my mouth and throat were covered in ulcers and blisters. The underlying cause remained unclear, but most likely it was an allergic reaction to antibiotics. As a result of the inflammation, I could only eat liquid food, and even that with a straw, as well as a bit of yogurt and ice cream.

episil has helped immensely! After the application I could eat soft foods in small bites. My general condition and mood improved quickly as soon as I started eating again. episil also improved my sleep because I wasn’t waking up due to pain. It relieved pain effectively and the effects of an application lasted a long time – at most I applied episil once in the morning, during the day and before bedtime. My overall experience with the product was very positive. I recommend using episil for various types of ulcers in the mouth, as it relieved the pain immediately and had great influence on my mood. I hope that you find my feedback helpful as episil really helped me! Thanks!“

Webshop customer, Helsinki, Finland

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